Adene 2019 Fees - Energy Certification


certificação energética

Amounts of fees to ADENE 2019

We inform you that the fees charged by ADENE, for the issuance of Energy Certificates, have been reduced
(in accordance with Administrative Rule no. 39/2016 of March 7).

Amounts of fees payable to ADENE:

Residential buildings:

- Typologies T0 and T1: € 28,00
- Typologies T2 and T3: € 40,50
- Typologies T4 and T5: € 55,00
- Typologies T6 or higher: € 65,00

Commercial buildings and services:

- Area equal to or less than 250 m2: € 135,00
- Area greater than 250 m2 and less than 500 m2: € 350,00
- Area greater than 500 m2 and less than or equal to 5000 m2: € 750.00
- Area greater than 5000 m2: € 950.00

Briefly, in addition to the costs inherent to the service of the energy certification level, you will have to pay the
values associated with the typologies or areas mentioned above.

If you are looking for energy certificates you can also check here 

You may be exempt from fees if the building already has an energy certificate and the measures indicated
therein have been implemented. So, it must meet three conditions:

- the original certificate is less than 10 years old (validity period);
- measures to improve energy class;
- after its implementation, the building get at least B-.

You can check out more information about building exemptions that exempt energy certificates here.

Declaration of Ruin

Irrespective of the issuer, the abovementioned declaration does not matter any additional cost,
by reference to the SCE rates.