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Congress of architecture in Algarve, Portugal

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On October 25 to 27, the 15th Congress of Architects will be held for the first time in the
Algarve, with the support of the Lagoa Municipal Council. This time, the central theme will
be: "The Architectural and Landscape Heritage" as the great theme a debate that is very
up-to-date and is also taking advantage of and celebrating the European Year of Cultural

Several interventions were proposed under the three sub-themes:
- Planning and valorization of the territory;
- Rehabilitation of the landscape architectural heritage;
- Professional Practice of Architects.

In all the sessions are scheduled moments of debate and discussion. In addition, the program
includes an international conference, free access to exhibitions on OA's 20 years, the Architects
Journal and some of the competitions we promote, as well as optional visits to works in the
region. The Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Housing and the Secretary of State for Land
Territory and Conservation of Nature will be present at this great event.

According to the order of the Architects "We already have a high number of registrations, but we
want to reinforce the message that all the participants participate in this Congress, an important
moment of our professional Order."

As MJARC Architects is aware of the great importance of this event praises the participation of all
colleagues of profession.

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