Earthquakes in Portugal - Importance of architecture


Earthquakes in Portugal - Importance of architecture

Seismic prevention. Importance of architecture and engineering

Seismic prevention in Portugal

It has been 263 years since the earthquake of great magnitude and violence
shook Lisbon and the question remains: "Will Portugal be prepared to suffer
another earthquake of great magnitude?" Well, the scientific community of
architecture and engineering specialist maintains that Portugal remains
unprepared to react to a natural disaster of such magnitude. The zones of
the Algarve, Costa Alentejana, Lisbon and Vale do Tejo are the areas of
highest seismic risk of the country.

Does Regulation in Portugal exist?

Portugal has regulations that if applied leads to safe construction from a
seismic point of view, however, it is worrying the lack of supervision of the
works, to guarantee the fulfillment of the projects in work, being great part
of the buildings not to comply with the regulation and in case of earthquake
we will be in a devastating environment.

The message that Mjarc Architects wishes to convey, the existence of
multidisciplinary teams is an essential condition not only in projects design
and in the execution of the work but also in the supervision of the work,
namely to supervise and control: compliance with contractual provisions and
with the legislation on that moment.