What is the importance of energy certification in buildings


cergreen certificação energetica

Energy Certificate - The Importance

The energy certificate is much more than a document that evaluates the energy efficiency
of your property. The rating will allow you to understand the energy performance of your
property and what measures to implement for better efficiency. To learn more about the
energy certificate advantages, you should read this article
With regard to the importance of this document for buildings, we must highlight the following

Energy certification in existing buildings

Reduction of energy consumption

When implementing the improvement measures indicated by the qualified expert your property

will enjoy a better energy efficiency, reducing energy costs.

Appreciation of your building

Faced with the previous items we could not be more in line with the slogan - "certify is to value"
of the new campaign, ADENE (official energy agency)

Support in improving your building

We have already talked about 2 important features for you and your property. But I knew that you can
still enjoy financial support aimed at improving your building, we indicate the following programs for your
-  IFRU 
 Casa Eficiente 2020
-  FEE - The FEE, The Energy Efficiency Fund, launched on 13 June through Notice 25, a new financing of
EUR 3.1 million to encourage energy efficiency in buildings, which accounts for about 30% of total energy
Portugal. The new financing for Energy Efficiency in Buildings that includes measures of improvement in
Windows and Insulation.

The purpose of this funding is to support two types of beneficiaries: natural persons owning existing and
occupied single-family or single-family dwellings in multifamily buildings (type A beneficiary) and private
law entities owning existing and occupied buildings (type B beneficiary)..

Funding is available in the form of a non-refundable incentive between 35% and 60% of the value of the
work, depending on the type of beneficiary and the proposed measure of the application. The applications
are running until October 13 in the FEE Portal.

Building “Eco friendly”

As a final feature we can not fail to mention that implementing the improvements will be "environmentally friendly"
and contribute to a greener, more sustainable world.

Without a doubt, "To certify is to value."