Rehabilitation low cost buildings - Sustainable building


rehabilitation architecture

Rehabilitation low cost

It is possible to build and rehabilitate at low cost by reusing materials and using
sustainable and recycled resources. Portugal has national ecoproducts with
international certificates.

Combining environmental sustainability with building construction and rehabilitation
is possible in a low cost version. However it is important to demystify the pejorative
low cost connotation that is not being fast and of poor quality. To be low cost is to
have sustainable concerns combining this principle with innovative concepts in the
application of these materials.

Thus, in our opinion the low cost concept should be understood as “a project that
synthesizes market conditions, respects the environment, reuses resources,
incorporates the latest technology and results in a work that is expected to
contribute to the valuation of the environment without the assault and designed to last ”.

In our opinion this optimization is achieved by maximizing the return on all investments
in the building process. In this sense, the construction of buildings should follow the
principles of sustainable architecture making the most of existing natural resources
and resources to ensure maximum comfort and durability of buildings with minimal
landscape intervention.

Low-cost construction and rehabilitation imply that the project takes into account the
survey of the region's characteristics and history and, at the same time, lead to the creation
of a new program in which metal structures replace reinforced concrete, and focus on improving
the ventilation and natural lighting of homes. For materials, efficiency goes through installation of
low energy light bulbs, natural insulation materials, efficient window frames and flow reducers.

Also very important is the need to create a manual for the use and maintenance of the devices.

MJARC Architects, despite being present in the major centers Porto and Lisbon, always presents
this perspective to all its architectural projects.

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