SouthZEB - Buildings with high energy performance (nZEB)


Projecto 3D mjarc
3D project of the towers inMaputo by MJARC

What is the southZEB concept?

The southZEB concept is designed to promote energy efficiency in the building
sector by adopting concepts which imply that buildings can achieve a very high
energy performance. These concepts can be applied in new or existing buildings
and this project has the same name (SouthZEB) because the training modules
are oriented to specific professionals from Southern European countries.

Certification of our architects

MJARC Arquitectos has a thorough knowledge of this project as an awareness
of its importance and we support / believe in all buildings with high energy
performance. This will be the path we have drawn and so we are proud to
be certified nZEB technicians. About nZEB Technicians 

Objectives and importance nZEB?

The objectives are to comply with concrete plans and targets of the European
Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) which obliges EU
Member States to ensure that all new buildings have almost zero energy
needs from 2018-2020.

Energy problems are no longer national or regional in order to be taken into
account globally. The importance of being nZeb has become so important
because with proper policies we can reduce our energy dependency and at
the same time reduce operational costs for citizens or companies.

Good practices of buildings nZEB

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