What is landscape architecture


arquitectura paisagista mjarc

What is this aspect of architecture??

Landscape architecture as in all architecture is a strand related to the combination of science
and art. When addressing the issue of landscaping, we speak of the creation of projects to
intervene in environments (external landscapes), buildings or urban spaces.

The main focus of this area is to design ecological, socially harmonious and sustainable
landscapes with the purpose of promoting the quality of life of urban communities as well as
the quality and preservation of the environment. This is at the bottom the connection that the
landscape architect must always take into account.

This professional will plan, design and recreate the outdoor spaces where people attend with
the guarantee that they are functional, environmental and aesthetic.

Characteristics and competencies required

The landscape architect has as main competences the planning, conservation, management and
creation of natural, cultural and public landscapes from which: Park, public squares, exterior
arrangements, monuments, etc.

This profession requires a lot of creativity, knowledge of geology, topography, climatic, aquatic
and natural systems where, it is the landscapers who outline and bridge the human physical
environment with the environmental space.

The landscape architect projects urban public spaces, green structures, planning plans, private
green spaces, management of protected landscapes among many more.

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