CERGREEN - Energetic Certification 

It has been so easy to ask for your energy certificate 

Make your certification with quality and speed!


How it works?

1º - Make the call


To schedule your visit, you can contact us for this number:

  • 22 609 2735

2º- Mark in your calendar


Our technicians will ask you for more information about your property or commercial space. After collecting the information, you will receive a suggestion of times for the visit of the expert qualified by ADENE (energy agency)

3º- Get your certificate


Make the payment, and you will receive your energy certificate within two working days after the expert's visit to your home

You know that?! 


All the customers who render the service recommend the cergreen!!


5 Stars  



+ We deliver your energy certificate within 48 hours after the technician visits our home; 


+ We offer a competitive and uniform price for typologies from T0 to T6;


+ We have a flexible schedule and we combine our availability with you;


+ You can ask for your budget at any time and at no cost. 

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