Acessible architecture and framing in the biosphere network


Acessible project of architecture by mjarc architects

What is rural tourism?

It is understood by rural tourism the modality of tourism promotes with
more proximity the contact with the nature, agriculture and local traditions
through the lodging in a familiar and rural environment. Having this premise
well established as an objective, Mjarc arquitectos decided to think globally,
so that all people would have the same opportunity and access to this close
contact with the environment.

Problems in rural tourism 

The most common needs for rural tourism are:

- Difficult displacement in the environment;

- Rural houses not accessible;

- Preservation of the environment;

Biosphere Village - Emergence of the Concept

This concept consists in the creation of a partnership with the Alfandega
da Fé Municipality in the creation of a proper way of life based on collective
memories and eclectic activities, developing the transdisciplinary and transversal
concept of all matters of the biosphere.

Accessibility in architecture in the village of Biosphere

This rehabilitation process brings to the Biosphere Village a series of solutions available
for people with disabilities and/or specific needs. Mjarc arquitectos has thought of
developing a set of technical solutions that ensure accessibility in different spatial
compositions such as ramps in the exterior spaces or automatic mechanisms on the
interior stairs for people with motor limitations. In addition to this set of proposals,
there was a concern to differentiate the pedestrian paths of the various seating areas,
both interior and exterior, through the use of materials with different textures,
to facilitating tourist mobility with visual limitations.

Techniques presented:

- The type cut in the project proposal refers to the absence of bumps or
steps in the transition of pavements and accesses;

- Use of materials with different colors and textures for people with motor
or visual limitations;

- Accessibility maps of the various areas that make up the village of Felgueiras;

- Some walls will be requalified and presented bank solutions as a function
complement or punctually, the placement of handrails or the most difficult obstacles;

- Assistance in the most difficult journeys and support in the transport;

- Throughout the course, natural resources will be explored to identify
through smells, sound and touch;

- Public lighting through specific contrasts;

- Availability of accessibility and mobility support products such as:
Walking sticks; guide dogs; lanterns