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Revistas e plataformas de arquitectura - Recomendações MJARC

Architecture magazines are a great source of inspiration for architects
produce a better architecture and contribute essentially for society more
information. These communication platforms are an excellent form of
advertising, but in the background, are an excellent way to share
knowledge, projects or even ideas of materials for the general public.

In order to share all the knowledge, and with the immense desire of our
architecture office to expose the wealth of this art, we will list some
platforms and magazine online and offline below ..

Stay with us, and see our opinion:

Architecture and Design Platforms

Platforms Archdaily 

Archdaily is the most visited architectural platform in the world. Everything
started in 2008 when the creators of the platform discovered that theres no
good sources of project information, materials to know the public works of
architects with less notoriety but with works to highlight.

According to Archdaily, this site has more than 10 million monthly visits!
(data taken from 2015). As for the site, it is very well organized by projects
reference materials, news, contests and even events.

We advise you to leave it in your history!

Attitude Magazine

Attitude magazine is an international bimonthly magazine on interiors,
architecture, design and lifestyles. The purpose of this journal is to share
life experiences inspiring for your readers. At the online platform level it is
also well organized in relation to the categories of each project and is another

form of to be inspired and to accompany the excellent work of this magazine
of architecture.

Wallpaper Magazine 

A revista Wallpaper foi fundada em 1996 com publicações relacionadas com design e 
arquitectura, viagens, moda e estilos de vida. Conta também com uma plataforma online.
Deve adiciona-la aos seus favoritos!


The arkap is an online platform titled as the largest digital catalog of architecture,
decoration and design .. There are exposed daily several works by professionals from
all over the world and all architectural office's can expose their works on this platform.
If you still don't know this platform, we advise you to check this !!!!


To conclude, we have chosen Pinterest as a great way of exposing and extracting ideas
of inspiration. This is a social network widely used for areas of decoration, architecture
and interior design. Mjarc Architects is on Pinterest and tries to update his profile regularly.
See our Pinterest profile!