Douro valley house - Shortlist world architecture festival


Projecto MJARC - Casa Vale do Douro Prémios Waf

World architecute Festival 2018 (WAF) 

The international architecture event takes place from 28 November to
30 November in the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is one
of the main international competitions in the area of architecture that
aims to promote architectural projects in different categories such as:
Housing, infrastructures, health, hotel, culture, etc.

According to the organization, the year 2018 was very competitive and
had more than 20% of the applications compared to the year 2017. This
was the year that there has been a greater number of registrations so far
for the WAF awards. Among the 81 pre-selected countries, China was the
country that submitted more applications. For Europe, the United Kingdom,
Turkey and the Netherlands represent a significant volume of projects.

Among the 81 countries, Portugal is represented by four architectural offices,
from which we must highlight the architecture office MJARC Arquitectos that
will compete with the Architecture Project Douro Valley house, located in Marco
de Canaveses. In the race with the four Portuguese offices, there are ateliers of
great international renown such as Zaha Hadid Architects, OMA, Foster & Partners
and BIG.

Check here the list of finalists for world architecture festival.

Douro Valley House 

As already mentioned, MJARC Arquitectos among the representatives of Portugal, will
compete with the most diverse international offices. Douro Valley House is a project
completed in 2017 situated on the magnificent landscape of the Douro Valley. This
architectural project had the greatest desire to interfere as little as possible with
the visual topography of the landscape.

You can check here some more details of the architecture project of the douro valley
house and follow us world architecture festival awards.

See you soon Amsterdam !!!