Outdoor Arrangements - Spring is here, LET'S PLANT


arranjos exteriores mjarc arquitectos

What can I improve in my outdoor space?

With the arrival of good weather it is natural for people to spend more time outside their home
than inside. If you have some land in your home, it is legitimate that you want to enjoy your
free time with your family and friends outdoors. The problem is that most of the time, your
space is damaged, mistreated or sometimes outdated.

The architecture office mjarc architects, despite having highly qualified technicians who carry
out external arrangements with the guarantee of quality and safety, will give you a set of tips
or solutions that can be carried out in their homes and thus, celebrate the good time!!!


Lighting is an essential aspect to produce harmony, sophistication and quality to your outdoor
space. With good lighting, in a certain strategic point, your space soon changes environment.
Here is an example of a work by mjarc architects of exterior arrangements:

Iluminação arranjos exteriores

More information about this architecture project hear

Outdoor Furniture

The furniture is another crux for its exterior. Comfort, modernity and endurance are the
three aspects that you should take into account when buying any item for your outdoor
space. Check out these small examples:

Arranjos exteriores projecto mjarc

More pictures about this of this outdoor space project



- It is common knowledge that spring is the time, par excellence, to plant the whether it be,
followed by a summer marked by much watering and enjoying the growth of your garden;

- The pleasures of gardening are as many as the wide variety of plants and flowers that, with
a little care and continuous maintenance, turn any piece of land into an enchanted garden.
One of the first steps is to choose the right plants ...


- Your local garden shop or a local nursery has professionals specialized in "gardening initiation",
being an excellent resource to take all your doubts and receive helpful advice to start planting with
your foot right!

We'll be back with more news on each specific topic, so stay tuned on our website!