Perspective of Architecture for 2018


Perspectiva arquitectura MJARC arquitectos

Our vision for architecture in 2018 

We can affirm that the 29 of May of 2018 represents a   historical   retrocession   in
Portuguese architecture and urbanism, the President of the Republic new  diploma
of the parliament that comes to open the exercise and the practice of the Architecture
to other professions without qualification for this purpose, when the class of architects
has always been able to respond to the social needs for which it   was   requested the
environmental quality of populations and urban life.

It is a favored addition to a restricted professional group that has kept all the acts
of their specific training untouchable, besides being able to constitute an intolerable
inequality of treatment with other professionals of  this   professional   class. This
approval foresees a 2018 and the next dark   years for  architects,   contributing to
aggravate   and increase   the unemployment of architects, already affecting in a
worrying way the new generations and will undoubtedly have harmful  consequences
to the quality of the urban environment of the Country and the good an international
image of Architecture subscribed by Portuguese architects.

The Portuguese architecture has given signs of the quality of the architects in the most
recognized international awards and the architect Souto de Moura recently received the
Golden Lion. I am sure that the Order of Architects will use all available means to reverse
this legislative retrogression which completely disrespects a professional class of more than
24,000 architects.

"Architecture is done by Architects"

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Article Prepared by Architect Maria Joao Andrade e Silva, Managing Partner MJARC Arquitectos