One week for Waf festival. Meet finalists in the category homes


mjarc arquitectos concursos internacionais pa

Architecture Competition - World architecture Festival

The international architecture event takes place from 28 November to 30 November in the
city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is one of the main international competitions in
the area of ​​architecture that aims to promote architectural projects in different categories
such as: Housing, infrastructure, health, hotel, culture ...

According to the organization, the year 2018 was very competitive and had more than 20%
of applications compared to the year 2017. This was the year that there has been a greater
number of registrations so far for the WAF awards. Among the 81 countries, Portugal is
represented by four architectural offices from which we must highlight our architecture
office MJARC Architects 

Two weeks from the big event, we can give you first hand the time of our presentation. On
November 28th at 12:40 p.m., we will count on your support in presenting our Douro Valley
House architecture project in Amsterdam.

The surprises do not stop here, and we will broadcast our live presentation from our social media channels.

Shorlist House Completed Builiding - Who is competing with us?

Here are the architecture projects that will compete with our architecture project in the
completed building category:

1. Bernardes Arquitetura - Peninsula House, Guarujá, Brazil
2. Austin Maynard Architects - King Bill, Melbourne, Australia
3. bureau^proberts - Bardon House, Brisbane, Australia
4. David Leech Architects - A house in a garden - 81 Hollybrook Grove, Dublin,
5. CplusC Architectural Workshop - Iron Maiden House, Longueville, Australia
6. Cavill Architects - Gibbon St, Brisbane, Australia
7. HDD - Container Home, Shanghai, China
8. John Wardle Architects - Boneo Country House, Boneo, Australia
9. Mio Tachibana Architects - Hinge House, Tokyo, Japan
10. nabil gholam architects - The House with two lives, Bois de Bologne, Lebanon
11. noa* network of architecture - Messner: A childhood dream comes true, Seis
am Schlern, Italy
12. RTA Studio - Turama House, Rotorua, New Zealand~
13. Ramón Esteve Estudio - Cottage in the Vineyard, Fontanars dels Alforins,
14. ORIGIN ARCHITECT - Grow with the Forest - Valley Villas at the foot of
Changbai Mountain, Baishan City, China~
15. Wutopia Lab - Plain House, Shanghai, China
16. Studio SA_e - Rumah Gerbong, South Tangerang, Indonesia
17. Process Practice - Exterior|Falahatian Yardhouse, Qaleh-Sarshir, Iran.

We are undoubtedly looking forward to the participation and dissemination of
the talent produced in Portugal. We count on you