Art of designing an urban project with an impact on the public space. The pillars that MJARC advocates are based on aesthetics, profitability of space and quality of life. In the background, we perceive the needs of space and create infrastructures, always promoting the best living conditions.



Transformation of the land into a project consistent with a previously established regulation.

Urban Planning


Definition of all areas of intervention in the architectural character.

Architecture and Engineering 


• Detached, semi-detached or in-town houses; • Buildings on floors and condominiums;
• Office and commercial buildings; • Shops and exhibitions; • Restoration spaces from coffee shops, restaurants or bars; • Tourist and hotel developments; • Villages, rural houses, farms;

• Event, industrial or warehouse pavilions; • Public buildings and hospital area; • Recovery and restoration of old buildings;

Interior Architecture 


• Integrated furniture, lighting and decoration;
• Home automation and automation;

Fire Safety

We always defend our values as security and stability. Therefore, it makes sense to pass and apply these values in our projects. MJARC develops fire safety plans in buildings and enclosures as well as self-protection measures and safety and / or emergency plans.

Technical Assistance


• Elaboration of security plans for works (HST);
• Measurements, Maps and Budgeting;
• Construction supervision;
• Construction management;

Eco-Sustainable Construction


Social responsibility for ecological and sustainable architecture goes far beyond our values as well. We provide renewable and ecologically efficient energy systems in buildings.


Topographical Surveys

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Energetic Certification



Together with CERGREEN we also made energy certificates with very competitive prices.