Exploring architectural services requires a clear understanding of the steps involved in requesting quotes. Find out here how the fee request process works, understand how much an architect costs and learn about MJARC Architects approach to budgeting.


The architectural project budget request

We stress to our clients the crucial importance of requesting a quote. At MJARC, it’s not just a matter of providing a quote, but also a commitment to carry it out in line with your needs and objectives. This process not only avoids future mistakes, but also enables decisions that result in time and financial savings.

All you need to do is provide detailed information about the program you want to incorporate into your project so that we can draw up a budget and plan tailored to your objectives and needs.

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How does requesting a budget work?

The various stages that precede and follow the online request are detailed in the steps below:

1. First contact

First of all, you can start the process by contacting us, either via our contact form or by phone. At this initial stage, we ask you to provide general information about your project, including the location, the main needs and objectives you would like to see integrated into your project.


2. Assessment and clarification

We will then contact you within a short period of time to arrange a meeting to clarify any doubts and obtain additional information.


3. Fee proposal and timetable

Subsequently, based on the information gathered, we will present our fee proposal with a timetable for the development of the different phases of the project.


4. Details of the Services

Finally, we present a detailed explanation of the services we offer, clarifying each stage of the process, from conception to completion. At this stage, we provide specific information on the payments associated with each phase of the project, ensuring a clear and transparent understanding.


5. Guarantees and Quality Assurance

We are committed to ensuring quality at every stage of the project. This guarantee reflects our dedication to delivering results that meet your expectations. By reiterating these commitments, we aim to reinforce your confidence in choosing our services.


Looking for a quote for an architectural project?

We are available to answer any questions you may have throughout this process and we encourage your active participation to ensure that all your expectations are met. So, to get your personalized buget, contact MJARC’s team of architects.