If you are considering a career in architecture, it is essential to make an informed and careful choice of educational institution. With a variety of options available around the world, it can be a challenge to decide where to study. To help you on this journey, we’ve highlighted some of the best architecture universities in Portugal and internationally.

The list we present is according to the latest edition of the “QS World University Rankings by Subject“. This ranking classifies the best universities in the field of architecture based on four main indicators:

  1. academic reputation;
  2. employability reputation;
  3. number of citations per scientific article;
  4. h index (based on Scopus data, depending on the number of citations per scientific article and the number of articles produced per researcher).


Best architecture universities in Portugal


  • University of Porto (FAUP)

The internationally recognized Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto has a highly qualified teaching staff, including current and former professors Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto Moura, the only two Portuguese architects to have been awarded the Pritzker Prize, considered the “Nobel Prize” of architecture.

The range of courses offered in the area of Architecture includes an integrated study cycle leading to a master’s degree (integrated master’s). It also offers a wide range of training courses in the area of Continuing Education. In 2023, the University of Porto was ranked between 101st and 150th in the world and 12th in the ranking of Southern European Universities in 2024.

As melhores faculdades portuguesas e internacionais

FAUP – Porto, Portugal


  • University of Minho (EAAD)

The School of Architecture, Art and Design is located in Guimarães, a historic and culturally rich city that offers an inspiring environment for future architects.

UMinho was ranked between 201st and 240th in the QS world ranking in 2023. UMinho graduates are qualified to practice architecture, urban planning, urban design, building rehabilitation and maintenance and interior design.

EAAD – Guimarães, Portugal


  • University of Lisbon (FAUL)

The Faculty of Architecture at the University of Lisbon is also ranked between 101st and 150th in the world and is widely recognized in Portugal. Its educational offer includes integrated master’s degrees in Architecture with three specializations: architecture, urbanism, interiors and building rehabilitation.

ULISBOA has been ranked highly in several international rankings, with Architecture standing out as one of the areas where it achieves the best results.

FAUL - melhores universidades portuguesas

FAUL – Lisbon, Portugal


Best international architecture universities

In the 2023 edition of the QS ranking, University College London (UCL) surprised by taking first place, leaving the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in second place after three consecutive years at the top. Meanwhile, Delft University of Technology and ETH Zurich shared third place.


  • University College London (UCL)

The Architecture course at UCL provides students with a wide variety of experiences, encouraging them to develop an independent, creative and experimental approach. Located in London, at UCL, students are guided to explore their own architectural vision while collaborating in a dynamic environment.

Melhores universidades arquitetura - University College London

The Bartlett School of Architecture – London, United Kingdom


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States, MIT has consistently maintained a top position among the best architecture schools in the world. The architecture department offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. MIT has a tradition of constructing progressive buildings, many of which were designed by professors or alumni.


MIT – Massachusetts, United States


  • Delft University of Technology

The Delft Faculty of Architecture stands out for its comprehensive approach to training excellent architectural engineers, from construction technologists to geodata specialists, both nationally and internationally. With a unique teaching concept, it offers various programs, integrates research and education by promoting a wide range of academic events, and has a vibrant international community, reflected in the significant presence of foreign students and professors.

Melhores universidades de arquitetura - DELFT

TU Delft – Delft, Netherlands


  • ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is also one of the top 10 universities in Europe and the world. D-ARCH is the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich, recognized for its academic excellence and innovative research in architecture. It offers a wide range of courses covering architectural theory, design and practical skills, promoting critical thinking and creativity. It also stands out for its cutting-edge research projects that explore new frontiers in architectural design, sustainability and technology.

Melhores universidades de arquitetura - ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich – Zurich, Switzerland


  • National University of Singapore (NUS)

If you want to study architecture in Asia, your best bet is the National University of Singapore. The 7th best architecture school in the world and the 8th best university in the world according to QS, NUS was founded in 1905, making it Singapore’s oldest autonomous university. It is an extremely prestigious university, ranked among the top 10 in the world, not only in architecture, but also in 13 other disciplines. NUS offers a great opportunity to study architecture for those who like warm weather, as it has a vast and well-rated architecture program.

Melhores universidades arquitetura - NUS Singapore

NUS – Kent Ridge, Singapure


What is the best architecture school?

The best architecture faculties, both in Portugal and abroad, promise an exciting experience for future architects. With inspiring environments, excellent teaching staff and state-of-the-art infrastructures, these institutions are the ideal stage for exploring creativity and developing the fundamental skills for a career as an architect.

In short, whether in the historic corners of Porto or Lisbon, or at renowned international universities, you have a wide range of opportunities to pursue your studies in the field of architecture. Choose the faculty that best aligns with your goals and get ready to design and shape the future of our built environment!

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