What are sustainable buildings?

Sustainable construction or green building is a set of practices adopted before, during and after the project with clear objectives of not harming the environment, improving thermal comfort, reducing energy consumption and improving the quality of life with materials and techniques of energy efficiency.

Processes to take into account in sustainable construction

  1. Everything begins in planning in a sustainable way;
  2. Take advantage of the available natural resources;
  3. Water management and economy;
  4. Control waste;
  5. Take into account air quality and indoor environment;
  6. Thermal and acoustic comfort;

Advantages and benefits in Architecture;

When you think of the benefits of building sustainable architecture, you shouldn’t (or should not be) only for the corporate image because financially is advantageous.
Of course financial matters are important, but it can not be the only “point in the balance”.
Think ecologically, socially and culturally are aspects that we must add to the financial aspect because in fact the advantages turn out to be bigger as you can see below:

Healthy buyers

“Taking into account air quality and indoor environment” – this was one of the processes we discussed earlier when thinking about building healthy and is very advantageous
because if the indoor air is of great quality, have the less pollution and consequently the risks respiratory problems are low.

Reduction of costs

Costs will be lower for three reasons:
– Lower operational cost;
– Reducing energy with less financial and
ecological costs (doing more with less)
– Valuation in resale;

Reducing environmental impact

The environmental impact will always be one of the main advantages.
The conventional building vs green building are a reality of our day and every time more thought for the conservation of the environment.

Lower maintenance process

The process of maintaining a green home is much lower than the cost level.
Sustainable buildings are not painted as often as the materials used in their construction do not decompose quickly versus the conventional home.