MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

The MAAT was inaugurated on October 4, 2016 and is considered as the new cultural proposal for the city of Lisbon. It is a museum that crosses the three areas in the same space and promises to be a national and international reference of culture. From its bold architecture and with reference to the 20th century, this museum wants to present exhibitions of artists, architects and thinkers from all over the world and gather a series of activities to promote culture.

Where is the museum located?

The Maat is located on Avenida Brasilia in central Tejo in Belém, Lisbon and is open all
the days from 11am to 7pm except Tuesdays. You can consult the map here.

Christmas season at MAAT

The MAAT has a series of educational activities to promote culture together of children. Christmas holidays are coming and MAAT gives children from 7 to 11 years old to participate. From December 18 to 20, a workshop is held in the plastic arts of “Planeta Magno” and December 21 to 22 is held workshop of energy and electricity.

Learn more about the activity plan here!

MAAT Special Christmas Offer

Em modo de sugestão para quem tem curiosidade de visitar este museu de arquitectura ou conheçe alguem que gostaria de conheçer o MAAT temos uma sugestão para si. O MAAT possui uma oferta este natal com intuito de oferecer a possibilidade de ao longo do ano de 2018 visitar o museu sempre que quiser com um convidado e usufruir das mais 15 exposições que têm planeadas.

You can check more information about this offer here: