The tourism sector has grown worldwide and there is a great offer of buildings and services with high quality. Designing a hotel unit is indeed one of the most challenging jobs for an architect, as it is an area where professionals can explore their creativity, designing unique, functional and sustainable facilities. We believe that sustainability in tourism is an unavoidable path that must always be framed in the sector and in the communities, its environmental, economic and social impacts.
Designing a sustainable hotel unit implies making appropriate use of environmental resources, respecting the socio-cultural authenticity of communities and ensuring that economic activities are viable in the long term.
We present some hotel references as well as internationally recognized architectural firms in the hospitality field, including in Portugal. Want to know which ones? We show you in this article.

6 Internationally recognized architecture firms in hospitality

There are undoubtedly architects who stand out for the way they design buildings and are able to leave a remarkable mark on architecture and the place where they are inserted, including in the hospitality area.From the most iconic hotels to the most contemporary, discover which offices are recognized in the four corners of the world, as well as their main hotel projects.

1. Caspar Schols


Caspar Schols is recognized for his innovative work in creating harmony between architecture and nature. Among his projects, Cabin ANNA stands out, a transformative modular structure with sliding walls and an adaptable design that offers a unique experience.

Cabin ANNA represents more than just a building. Through the careful use of materials and the integration of natural elements, it provides a deep connection between people and the surrounding nature, providing an unforgettable feeling to guests who are privileged to live this experience.

ANNA Stay was awarded Project of the Year at the Architizer A+ Awards (New York, 2021) and World Hotel Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival (2022). ANNA Collection was also recognized as one of the most innovative projects in the Arc22 Dutch Architecture Awards and Frame Awards 2023. In addition, it was also considered one of the top 10 Eco resorts in Europe by The Guardian.

Cabin ANNA – Caspar Schols

2. Snøhetta

Based in Oslo, Norway, this architecture firm is responsible for the 7th Room – Tree Hotel, in Harads, Sweden.

For this beautiful architectural project, the professionals were inspired by the dream that almost all children have: having a tree house. After all, the room in this hotel is 20 feet off the ground, in the middle of tall pines. To enter it, guests can use a ramp, bridge or stairs.

In addition to the aforementioned hotel, this office was also responsible for other notable projects such as the Bjellandsbu, in Åkrafjorden, Norway, and the Knubben, in Arendal, also in Norway

7th Room Tree Hotel – Snøhetta


3. EAA-Emre Arolat

This is the architecture studio of Emre Arolat, a Turkish architect born in Ankara who became popular for designing the Sancaklar Mosque.

In the case of hotels, EAA-Emre Arolat was responsible for designing hotel units such as the Yalıkavak Palmarina, located in Bodrum-Muğla, Turkey, as well as the Heaven On Earth Resort & Casino, located in Konispol, Albania, which is currently under construction.

EAA-Emre Arolat – Yalıkavak Palmarina


4. MJARC Arquitetos – Portuguese architecture office

In the midst of international architecture offices, a Portuguese architecture office stands out, more specifically MJARC Arquitectos.Some of the award-winning works in the hotel industry include the Casa no Vale do Douro, located in Marco de Canaveses, a project that fits in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Another highlight is the Hotel Vínico Douro, which combines rural and wine production experience with the facilities of a leisure destination. This project was distinguished as a Finalist of the World Architecture Festival 2022 and a candidate for the prize in the Future Projects- Leisure-led Development category.

MJARC Arquitetos – Hotel Vínico Douro



5. llLab

Based in Shanghai, this atelier brings together creators from China, Germany and Portugal, with the founders Luís Ricardo, David Correa, Taichi Kuma and Hanxiao Liu.

In addition to specialists from other areas, the atelier focuses mainly on the areas of architecture, design, art, urbanism, research and development. However, the main focus of the work is to use design to improve social and cultural life, through projects that range from micro-architecture to installations.

This international architecture firm has won several awards and recognitions, such as the Architizer A+ AWARDS, the Blueprint Awards or the Golden Trezzini Awards.

IILab – San Sa Village

6. TYIN tegnestue Architects


Finally, the Norwegian architecture firm TYIN tegnestue Architects stands out which, after 11 years of activity, ended its activity. However, due to its mark in the world of architecture, it could not fail to be mentioned.

Founded in 2008, this office was known for developing projects in underdeveloped and underdeveloped areas. In this sense, all materials were collected in the vicinity of the works or purchased from local merchants.

Among his projects, the hotel Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær stands out, conceived at the request of the Norwegian musician and composer Håvard Lund, who wanted a place where he could serve as a refuge and inspiration for artists.

TYIN Tegnestue Architects – Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær


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