What is an accessible architecture?

Accessible architecture is how the architect thinks about projects in anticipation of future customer needs. This way of thinking about projects is more common nowadays because the project is thought about the development of the person during life and the respective changes.

The accessible architecture is not only made up of people with reduced mobility or disabled, but in general as it can cover obese people, children, elderly or even pregnant women.

The importance of this type of architecture

This thinking on the part of the architect in accessibility will be very important because it will allow more security and physical integrity to the people in order to enjoy the spaces without limitations.

Accessible architecture or inclusive architecture has become a major concern of the architect because of its importance and more than ever it is now considered as an “indispensable requirement”.

Good practices in inclusive architecture

These are some good practices that are recommended for an inclusive architecture:

  • The measures: Minimum width of 90cm between the divisions to allow easy movement of wheelchairs;
  • Access: In addition to the minimum width of the measurements, all accessible houses and apartments must have ramps, platforms or elevators so that there are no irregularities in the floors;
  • Finishes: The architect must have a fundamental role in the decision of the final finishes because it must take into account the abrasive or non-slip floors;
  • Electrical and hydraulic installations: The architect has to think about some details such as natural light, emergency light, height of washbasins, distance of outlets, etc.
  • Furniture and decoration aspects: Carpets are considered an obstacle for some cases of mobility;
  • Investment in technology: More technological houses are considered more autonomous and by the way more accessible.

Example of an accessible project of Mjarc Architects:

Family house Marques – – It was a rehabilitation project that we carried out in the center of the oporto for a client who had conditioned needs. The house is all in itself marked by wide spaces and an elevator;

Accessible and ecological architecture project of Biosphere – – This is a project underway together and in partnership with the town hall of Alfandega da fé, which main goal is to promote the preservation of the biosphere interlinked with accessible rural tourism.

Architecture project Renal Center Mirandela – Inserted in a large scale project in the area of hospital architecture, the renal center
of Mirandela is designed with the best accessibility practices. The focus of MJARC Arquitectos was to include a curative architecture in a building where patients and staff felt good for an efficient work methodology. It is crucial the space to be pleasant and comfortable.

Architecture project hotel chiado – This architectural design developed by mjarc Arquitectos became a real challenge due to the space where the building was. Situated in a protected area, in the hissing, this process of rehabilitation has become an architectural reference for our office.