International waf competition

The international architecture event takes place from 28 November to 30 November in the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is one of the main international competitions in the area of architecture that aims to promote architectural projects in different categories such as: Housing, infrastructures, health, hotel, culture …

According to the organization, the year 2018 was very competitive and had more than 20% of the applications compared to the year 2017. This was the year that there has been a greater number of registrations so far for the WAF awards. Among the 81 countries, Portugal is represented by four offices of architecture from which we must emphasize the office of architecture MJARC Arquitectos. But do you already know all the works in the same category of MJARC Architects, houses built? Well, let’s introduce you!

Austin Maynard Architects

Founded since 2002, this young cabinet will compete with the king bell project located in Australia.

Bernades arquitetura

From the other side of the ocean, we will compete with the Brazilian cabinet “Bernards Architecture”. This atelier will be present as one of his most emblematic works, called peninsula house in Brazil

Bureau Proberts

Returning to Australia, we now speak of Bureau Proberts, an office with more than 20 years of experience. The work eligible for participation in this contest is Bardon House, Brisbane, Australia.

Cavill Architects

The 3 Australian project belongs to Cavill Architects. One more cabinet full of talent in the contest for the project of the year!

Cplus Architecture Workshops

New Australian project to compete with our architecture project – Douro Valley House

David Leech Architects

Returning to European projects, we present David Leech Architects with his work in Dublin.


A modular home project will also be present at the world architecture festival. This project is taken by HDDD Architects of their project in Shanghai.

John Wardle Architects

New Australian project to compete with our architecture project – Douro Valley House .

Mio Tachibana Architects

Design built in Tokyo as a well-crafted architecture!

Nabil Ghilam Architects

Awesome design in Bologna by Nabil Ghilam ARchitects.

Noa Network Architecture

Italy was marked by another work of Noa Architecture.

Origin Architects

Origin Architects located in China.

Ramón Esteve Estudio

Right next door, the Ramon Esteve Studio project in Spain

Rta Estudio

Project accomplished in the will with very striking architecture!

Process Practice

Project accomplished in the will with very striking architecture!

Studio SA

Located in Indonesia, we can check out this project by Studio Sa.

Wutopia LAb

Finally, we present you this project of Wutopia LAb.

MJARC Architects would like to wish good luck to all the offices, atelier’s or architecture studios that will compete with us for the category of built houses.

We look forward to your support.
MJARC Architects