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cergreen certificados energeticos

Energy certificate

If you are thinking of selling or leasing your property or if you have a new building
you should get your energy certificate. This is a document that is presented when
the purchase contract is entered into and informs the new owner or incline about
the energy conditions of the property as well as the improvement measures to
implement to improve its efficiency. Discover the advantages of having an energy

What are ADENE experts?

In order to obtain the energy certificate you must request an expert's assessment
qualified by the Energy Agency, ADENE. This national agency the development of
activities of public interest in the area of energy, efficient use of water and the
energy efficiency of mobility. So when you make a request about energy certificate,
its budget will be divided into two parts: the cost that the expert takes for the service
(it may vary from expert to expert) and the inherent cost of ADENE rates (Fixed rates)..
For more information on energy certified prices here.

Where to find ADENE experts

The experts who are recognized by ADENE are identified on the website with a
scholarship. If you want a quote you can also request here.