Energy Certificates - Advantages of Energy Efficiency


Energetic certificate Cergreen by mjarc architects
Source: CERGREEN - Company that is dedicated to the emission of energy certificates, thermal projects and surveys. 

What is an Energy Certificate?

The energy certificate is a document that evaluates the energy efficiency of a home or property.
This document translates indoor air quality for each building or independent fraction. Classifications
can vary at different scales depending on the energy performance of each building, with the scale
ranting from A + (very efficient) to G (poorly efficient). This document became mandatory for
housing that is placed on the market for sale or lease because it is already considered a document
that can influence the valuation of your home.

Advantages and Benefits of Energy Performance : 

There are many advantages and benefits that we can highlight, from which

Tax benefits;
- Information about the thermal quality of the property;
- Energy saving;
- Valuation of the property;
- Environmental benefits; 

Support and programs  

The ADENE (Agency for energy) in order to promote the energy efficiency of
homes and houses in Portugal supports a new program. The program is called
IFRRU 2020 (Financial Instrument for Urban Rehabilitation and Revitalization)
with support of 1,400 million euros to support the complete rehabilitation of
buildings and the rehabilitation of abandoned industrial areas in all urban
centers of the country. This initiative has European funds from Portugal 2020,
funds from the European Investment Bank and Development Bank of the Council
of Europe. You can know more information here

Where can you get a certificate?

One of the requirements of the IFRRU 2020 program is to have an energy certificate
with an expert qualified by ADENE. If you are looking for a certificate with a two-day
submission, we recommend CERGREEN. You can ask for your budget here or in our
MJARC Architects contact area.

Necessary documents

Updated Urban Land Registry;
- Updated Land Registration Certificate;
- Plant of the Property;