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Architecture on Portugal

Did you know that the Faculty of Architecture of Porto (FAUP) reached the record
number of foreign students?

Well, according to the latest news, the growing recognition of the Portuguese
architecture of the most recognized international prizes of architecture undoubtedly
makes the University of Architecture of Porto FAUP a reference for foreign students
of architecture. Meet here the latest international architectural award that mjarc
Arquitectos will be competing in this year ...

In a statement, UPorto reveals that, as in previous years, most of these students
who come to that institution come from Brazil and stresses that in this
academic year the University received &; the largest ever number of international
students in international mobility

Data from the Rectory indicate that in the last five years - between 2013 and 2017
- the number of students who chose UPorto to carry out a mobility period rose from
1,750 to close to 2,500, a steady increase from year to year, or 1,747 in 2014, 1,784
in 2015, 2,019 in 2016 and 2,302 in 2017.

What are architecture students looking for in Porto anyway?

Oporto in particular is one of the European cities that is receiving an increasing number
of tourists and consequently a major transformation in its cultural, historical and human
heritage, translating into a new experience of the city.

Rehabilitation, reconstruction, investment or conservation of the architectural heritage
are daily topics addressed. Thus, the young students, Portuguese or foreign, closely follow
this transformation, thus allowing the city to be a "true laboratory" for those who study

In the current year, our architecture office, due to a protocol with a university in Gran
Canaria, received two young people from Erasmus to accompany the whole work process.

The MJARC Arquitectos is thus available to help build the career of these young professionals,
with practical cases that undoubtedly produce results and a completely enriching experience
for both parties, thus exchanging different and / or differentiated ideas and culture traits for
the whole creative process of architecture.

The process implicit in an architectural project is a way of conveying knowledge!
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