Everything we know so far about efforts to rebuild the cathedral of Notre-Dame

So far, the fire that has spread through the attic of Notre Dame Cathedral, destroying the iconic pinnacle, has been well documented. Although the French authorities managed to master the fire on Monday night, the process of rebuilding the 12th-century landmark – UNESCO’s world heritage almost 30 years ago – will much more time.

The two largest French luxury conglomerates were among the first to publicly pledge considerable sums in support of the rebuilding of the cathedral. The Pinault family, owner of the luxury heavyweight group Kering (Gucci, Saint-Laurent, Alexander McQueen and more), was the first to announce publicly supported him, with François-Henri Pinault promising to donate 100 million euros on Monday.

LVMH owns 70 luxury companies including Dior, Celine and Louis Vuitton. In addition to financial support, Arnault also promised to put the use of LVMH’s creative resources – notably its architecture and finance experts available to the French government and all relevant authorities said the company in a statement.

A significant ray of hope in this process is the work of the late historian Andrew Tallon, who discovered how to use laser technology to create three-dimensional images of Notre-Dame during his lifetime. The scans were accurate to five millimeters, said the historian in an interview in 2015 with National Geographic.

Although historian Andrew Tallon passed away last year, his scans from more than 50 sites in on the outskirts of Notre Dame helped revolutionize our understanding of how it was built. You can verify the documentary here.

The Mjarc Architects is sensitized and will keep abreast of all the news. Certainly everything will be possible so that this work of architecture can overcome another obstacle and be reborn.