“Show me the place where you live
and I’ll tell you what you do”

What is Geobiology?

Geobiology is the science that studies the natural energies coming from the Earth, and the artificial energies created by man. Geopathology is a term used to designate diseases caused by energies or radiations from the earth and these energies can cause various diseases in humans, animals and plants. In the background we are present in a new form of healthy architecture in the 21st century.


When we talk about geopathies, it’s the same as talking about radiation. If we are very time on the influences of these energies, whether magnetic, electromagnetic or others, all our systems are weakened. These energies are weakening our immune system to a point where we can no longer defend of the free radicals caused by radiation and thus, the cell membranes and DNAbegin to destroy themselves.

These energies not only destroy all our systems, but alter the PH in such a way as to “create a ground” conducive to the development of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

Water geopathies and children

Between the humans are the children who react the most harmful radiation.
As for water geopathies, they release very harmful and has no inactive periods.
All the people who are on this influence of a geopatia of water, there are eight hours or more to be devitalized.

Natural and artificial causes

The pathogenic conditions are formed through the action and interaction of various natural and artificial factors. The main ones are:


  • Underground watercourses;
  • Geological faults;
  • Cavities in the subsoil (caves);
  • Wetlands;
  • Magnetic Networks;
  • Vortices
  • Telluric Chamines;


  • High, medium and low voltage lines;
  • Defective electrical installations in homes;
  • Power stations ;
  • Nuclear power plants;
  • Transformation posts;
  • Telephone transmission towers;

What can we do ?

  • Have knowledge of the building materials of the house;
  • Where it is located;
  • Move away from radiation sites;

Source: José Cariano – Geobiólogo