Specialty projects must be delivered within the scope of licensing or prior notification of building and demolition works and differ depending on the type of work. The compatibility of the different specialties assumes a fundamental role as it allows adjusting the characteristics of each specialty in order to reduce costs and time in the execution phase.

Specialty projects include the technical specifications necessary for the construction of buildings
and/or installation of various equipment, such as stability, hydraulic network, ventilation systems, etc.

Types of Specialty Projects in Architecture

  • Acoustic project;
  • Stormwater Project;
  • Electrotechnical sheet or Power supply and distribution project (when required);
  • Exterior arrangement project;
  • Thermal behavior design;
  • Demolition project with or without façade containment;
  • Stability design that includes the excavation and peripheral containment design Facility design telephone and telecommunications;
  • Design of electromechanical installations, including those for transporting people and/or goods Solid waste collection project;
  • Design of building water and sewage networks
  • Project/Fire Safety Data Sheet for Buildings;
  • Ventilation, smoke exhaust, and air conditioning project.

Whenever the completion of the urban planning operation involves the occupation of a public road, the respective plan must be presented simultaneously with the specialty projects.

The time for submitting them differs depending on the nature of the application in the case of licensing: they can be
delivered simultaneously with the architectural project (along with the initial application) or within six months from the
date of notification of approval of the same . This period may be extended for another three months, upon a reasoned
request by the interested party, which must be delivered before the end of the period. The initial period of six months.
In case of prior communication: they must be delivered simultaneously with the architectural project (along with the
initial communication).

Some examples from our Work in Specialty projects in architecture:

– Stormwater Project


– Electricity Project


– Water supply project


Thermal project



Gas Project