Much is said about accessible architecture and it is increasingly important for all citizens perceive the importance and become aware of this cause. The architecture approach is how architects think of projects in anticipation of future customer’s needs. This way of thinking about projects is becoming more habitual today because the project is thought about the development of the person during the life and its changes.

Affordable architecture is not only about people with reduced with a disability, but in general as it may cover obese people, children, elderly or even pregnant women.

Continuing with a practical example: When there is a multi-storey dwelling, it is important to think of an adapted solution, such as an elevator.

Requirements for Residential Elevator

There are issues that Architects or customers should be aware of when they are considering purchasing or ordering in a residential elevator.

1 – Lift capacity (number of people max)
2 – Frequency to be used;
3 – Terms of responsibility and maintenance;
4 – Previous study and location of the elevator
5 – Materials and associated technology;
6 – Combining design and beauty with functionality
7- Think of alterative if the elevator is inactive.

These being some advice, we should always be accompanied by a specialist, whether architect or not.

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