Construction supervision in architectural projects

Construction is the last phase of a project, and represents one of the most synthesizing moments in a long process which, upstream, involved the intervention of various technicians and specialists. The growing technical complexity of the works that make up any development implies an increasingly high level of knowledge on the part of those who design, execute and supervise. On the other hand, the publication of Law 31/2009 of July 3, which repeals Decree-Law 73/73, establishes the professional qualifications required of technicians responsible for drawing up and subscribing to projects, supervising work and managing work, as well as the duties applicable to them.

The existence of multidisciplinary teams is an essential condition not only in the preparation of projects and the execution of works, but also in the supervision of works, namely to supervise and control: quantities, costs, planning, safety, quality and the environment, in accordance with contractual provisions and applicable legislation.

Site supervision is carried out by a person or team who is also the owner’s interlocutor. Training is aimed at understanding, managing and making compatible the construction of an idea, converted into a project, which must be comprehensive, and the training of those responsible and of the construction supervisor is crucial for the correct management of the construction phase.

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What is Construction Inspection?

Legal provisions aside, what is Construction Inspection for anyway?
In a nutshell, it consists of fully checking the conformity of the construction, as well as the definitions of all the licensing and execution projects, all in real time and on site. The main objective is therefore to ensure compliance with the responsibilities of the authors of the project, the contractor, the construction manager and, of course, the owner of the work.

Thus, this supervision guarantees daily or weekly monitoring of the work and the reliability of the construction, managing communication between the different parties involved, as mentioned above.


Why is it worth hiring this service?

Do you want to control costs, deadlines and project quality? Then construction supervision is a service that can help. That’s why we give you nine good reasons to consider it:

  1. It can assist in the management and drafting of construction contracts, helping with budget analysis and estimating the cost of works;
  2. It avoids additional work being requested by construction companies, forcing a prior analysis of the project, acting in a preventive manner. This guarantees that contracts and their conditions are complied with;
  3. Thanks to prior analysis, it is possible to rectify the coordination of projects, checking that architecture and specialties are compatible;
  4. Ensures that the equipment and materials used on site meet the quality standards required;
  5. Ensures that the work, as well as the application sequences and manufacturers’ recommendations, are respected when they are applied on site. This eliminates possible construction anomalies;
  6. Ensures compliance with the project, guaranteeing the administrative processes for obtaining use permits;
  7. Guarantees the safety of the work;
  8. Through reports from the construction supervision team, it is possible to be informed about the fulfillment of the contract and the progress of the work;
  9. Checks the (monthly) measurement records, which allow for the phased payment of the work to the contractor.


What does the construction inspection team do?

While it’s crucial to know the importance of hiring this service, it’s even more important to know what the inspection team does. This way, you’ll know exactly how the process is going.

  • Monitoring the work with periodic visits to check that the work is being carried out;
  • Checking the planning and execution processes of the various jobs;
  • Record the facts and circumstances in the work book;
  • Providing technical assistance and communication to the owner of the work, as well as to others involved;
  • Organize site meetings and take responsibility for their minutes;
  • Drawing up site reports to present to the whole team..


Frequently asked questions about construction supervision:

After learning about the benefits and what an inspection team does, it’s time to find out the answers to the main questions that may arise following this process.

Is construction supervision mandatory?
Yes, it is mandatory in all construction processes.

Who can supervise construction work?
According to the law, supervision can only be carried out by a specialized technician with experience and specific knowledge of the architectural project and specialties.

Can the supervision belong to the contractor?
According to the law, supervision cannot belong to the executing entity. For this reason, the Supervisory Director is appointed directly by the Owner.

When should the Supervisory Director be hired?
By carrying out his duties with technical competence, this professional is the Owner’s greatest partner. They prevent mistakes, accidents and surprises during the course of the work. In order to safeguard all parties, the contract must clearly set out the deadlines, the amounts to be paid and the services to be carried out. After all, a good contract is a good starting point for ensuring that the work goes smoothly.

Do I need to hire a Construction Inspector?
Alongside the Supervisory Director, it is necessary to hire a Building Inspector. Why is this necessary? Because they help measure the results, check the quality of the materials and certify to the Owner that the work is progressing according to plan.

In short, having an inspector means having someone with the technical capacity to talk to the various parties involved, on behalf of the Owner. This ensures that your client’s interests are defended. The sooner the partnership between the Owner and the Inspector is established, the more the Owner can be sure that his money will be safely invested. That’s why it’s ideal to establish a contract with the Inspector before establishing one with the Contractor.


Who can I count on for construction supervision?
Whether it’s sustainable construction or rehabilitation work, as you can see, it’s mandatory to comply with the law when it comes to supervising construction work. That’s why it’s necessary to hire a team that can supervise the work, safeguarding your interests.

Don’t know where to turn? Do you need help? You can count on MJARC to supervise construction and architectural projects. Together we will ensure that the entire process up to the final result is in accordance with the law and, of course, that it meets all the expected quality standards.



Reading this information does not dispense with consulting the legislation in force.
Lei 31/2009 de 3 de Julho;
Decreto-Lei n.º 176/98;