What does the Portugal 2030 Program consist of?

The Portugal 2030 Program results from the partnership agreement between Portugal and the European Commission, to apply 23 billion euros of European funds to boost the Portuguese economy between 2021 and 2027

How is it applied?

The allocation of resources available for financing projects will be carried out through the creation of specific programs, which encompass different themes and regions. Within each of these programs, the support criteria and conditions that must be met by those wishing to apply will be established.

Who can benefit from the Program?

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Authorities and other public bodies
  • Cooperatives, associations, private institutions of social solidarity, and other private entities.

What aspects to take into account?

By encouraging innovation, business competitiveness, and the transition to a green and digital economy, this program promises to shape a more prosperous and sustainable future for the country. Below we present the main aspects to consider for those who wish to take full advantage of Portugal 2030.

  • Strategic preparation

Before moving forward with candidacy, it is essential to take a strategic approach. The first step is to analyze the open notices available on the official Portugal 2030 website. These notices detail the various measures of the program and help you determine which ones best fit the specific needs of your company or project.

  • Eligibility

Attention must be paid to the nuances of requirements, especially in specific industries. For example, in the field of tourism, many notices require prior approval of the architectural design. For Industry, the licensing application and the architectural project (when applicable) can only be submitted at the city council, on the date of application. The criteria vary depending on the Portugal 2030 incentive system, however there are some eligibility criteria that apply in general (this information does not exempt you from consulting the legislation in force).

Portugal 2030: Tourism

The tourism sector in Portugal plays an important role in the country’s economy, as it represents a great source of income and employment opportunities. In this context, the Portugal 2030 program is a means of supporting the development of this sector, which is especially important after the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support possibilities include the modernization of tourist infrastructure, the promotion of cultural tourism, the development of sustainable and smart tourist destinations, as well as investment in technological solutions to improve the tourist experience.

It should be noted that for applications to the Portugal 2030 programme, sustainability, differentiation and innovation play a fundamental role. Projects that excel in providing unique experiences achieve greater prominence in this program. MJARC, through the Hotel Vínico Douro project, a finalist in renowned architecture competitions such as Architizer and World Architecture Festival, concretely illustrates this approach. Discover some of our hotel projects: Cicioso Boutique Hotel, Forte da Barra, Hotel Termas de Fonte Santa.

Typology of Tourist Enterprises

Tourist enterprises can be:

  • Hotel establishments
  • Tourist villages
  • Tourist apartments
  • Tourist complexes (resorts)
  • Residential tourism developments
  • Tourism enterprises in rural areas
  • Camping and caravan parks

In Portugal, sustainability policies materialize in the Turismo 2027 Strategy, which constitutes the reference framework for the development of public policies and business strategies in the tourism sector over the next decade. Careful attention to the criteria is essential to ensure that your application to the Portugal 2030 program is adequate and meets the necessary requirements to successfully participate in the program.

Do you need more information?

You can use the Portugal 2030 website to obtain all the necessary information. By following the above details, companies and entrepreneurs can position themselves to make the most of these programs, propelling Portugal towards a more promising and sustainable future.
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