What makes the Architect so important

Architecture can be defined as the art of designing and organizing space. According to Vítruvio, the architecture is based on three fundamental principles: the beauty (Venustas), the construction (Firmitas) and the function (Utilitas).

Architecture is an artistic component, involving several dimensions or areas of knowledge: a technical aspect, capable of conforming to regulation; a constructive dimension, through the embodiment with materials and constructive techniques adapted to the requirements of use and comfort of spaces; a human dimension fulfilling the expectations of its users; and a local dimension, since the same object undergoes adaptations to the place where it is inserted. It is constantly evolving, since history shows us that each civilization has determined a way of
conceiving and organizing public and private spaces.

What does the Architect do?

Imagine these three situations:

  • Idealized your home or workspace but dont know
    where to start?
  • You are a terrain and you dont know its viability?
  • You have a limited budget to build your house?

Well, have you imagined? Still good, it is up to the architect to design an aesthetically harmonious object taking care of all these conditions. His work covers various scales: from an object, such as a piece of furniture or equipment (interior architecture), through public and private buildings, to urbanization or city planning (urban planning).

In short, the architect is responsible for the architectural design of a building, for its sustainability and integrates in its project the various specialties (performed by other professionals): stability (concrete), water and sewage, thermal, electrical design, gas, acoustics , among others. It is the technician who accompanies from birth the first draft until the moment of putting the key in the door.

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