We are delighted to announce that MJARC has been distinguished by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2024 as the winner in the “Best Luxury Hotel Renovation Architecture in Portugal” category, with the Cicioso Boutique Hotel project.

The challenge is remarkable: rehabilitate a single-family house designed in 1913 by the Portuguese architect Raul Lino into a new hotel. The project aims to create 15 accommodation units while maintaining the original architectural elements, such as the façades, vaulted ceilings, stereotomy and cladding materials.

The rehabilitation project’s main concern was to preserve the building’s identity by rewriting it. Preserving tree species and creating new green spaces on existing terraces was another priority, recognizing the importance of these areas for the building’s natural climate, for preserving biodiversity and for absorbing carbon.

The concentration of the service, restaurant and reception areas in the main building, combined with the introduction of a winter garden, stands out for its verticality and luminosity. MJARC’s commitment to preserving the building’s identity.



This is the third time that MJARC has been distinguished by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. The Riverside project, which also reflects the preservation of the building and structure, was selected in 2023 for the Best Luxury Apartment Architecture in Portugal category, followed by the Top 100 Architects And Designers nomination. Finally, MJARC would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this project!

Best Luxury Hotel Renovation Architecture for Cicioso Boutique Hotel in Portugal MJARC