Sustainable constructions are a set of practices adopted before, during and after projects with clear objectives of not harming the environment and contributing to the common environment. As? Improving thermal comfort, reducing levels of energy consumption to very low and the use of materials and techniques that allowed the inhabitants
a higher quality of life. (Learn more about sustainable buildings here).

Social and environmental responsibility is a little bit in each one of us !!!

What is 2020 efficient house?

This is the new program promoted by the Portuguese State, the Portuguese Confederation of Real Estate Construction, the Portuguese Environment Agency, the Portuguese Free Waters Company and the Energy Agency.

This program promotes a series of loans and favorable conditions for people who intend to carry out works in their home, thus promoting the improvement and environmental performance of buildings.
There is a total of 200 million € available to support people in a program co-financed by the European Investment Bank and the Adhering Commercial Banks.

Who can apply and what are the types of buildings?

The following people can apply for this program:

  • Natural or legal person of private law, owner of a building or fraction self-contained housing;
  • The lessee of the building or autonomous fraction to be rehabilitated if properly authorized by the owner;
  • Owners duly authorized by the joint owners’ assembly;
  • the holder of another right in rem to enable the interventions to be implemented;

The available buildings for the interventions can be the urban buildings or fractions autonomous destined to housing in any part of the national territory and autonomous regions of the Madeira and Azores.

Interventions supported and expenditure financed

The loans granted by the participating banks are intended for interventions that promote the environmental performance of private housing: – Energy efficiency; Use of renewable energies; Water efficiency; Solid urban waste management;
Some examples are: walls, roofs, windows, lighting systems, ventilation, building networks, sanitary devices, irrigation systems.

Expenditures financed include all costs incurred in carrying out interventions such as civil construction work, engineering works, equipment acquisition, management and monitoring systems, technologies, replacement of existing appliances with more efficient models (provided that the expenditure is not higher to 15% of total eligible investment of the operation).

Source: Casaeficiente2020

Has interest ???

Simply access the portal “efficient house 2020”, prepare your application, get a budget and submit the candidature with the 2020 effective declaration and the budget, to one of the banks. For more information, you can click here.