What are prefabricated houses?

Prefabricated houses or modular houses as their own name said are houses which are already
industrially produced and subsequently transported to the where they will be implemented.
They use wood, metal structures or concrete structures. One of the great advantages of this type
of is that they are cheaper, greener and faster .. But why that houses are no longer produced by robots?

Before answering the question, we must first understand what an architect does and understand the
concept of architecture and then we will explain our point of view.

Concept of architecture according some architects – What an architect really do

According to Alvaro siza vieira said, “If we ignore man, architecture becomes unnecessary. “Architecture
is a service, it refers to functions, to programs, but it goes beyond that. What is built belongs to a company, to a private individual, to the state, but deep down belongs to everyone. The great function of architecture is exactly the beauty. It is not only how the interior of a house is organized, but also how it is positioned in the city, how it relates to what already exists, how it transforms it. This is the beauty of architecture. ”

For example, the architect Fernando Távora says that “… designing architecture, planning, drawing, should not translate to the architect in creating empty forms of meaning imposed by the whim of fashion or by whim of any other nature. The forms he will create must rather result from a wise balance between his personal vision and the circumstance that surrounds him and therefore he must know it intensely … ”

Already Eduardo Souto Moura says that architecture has much to do with life, it is not a drawing, a geometry, is to solve a problem linked to reality. For example, there is much talk about sustainable architecture and it is something that has to be, which is part of the profession! But to say “I make sustainable architecture” is to say “I am serious and democrat.” And from there what did you do well? Sustainability is the basic principle for architecture to be good, with quality. It is not a qualification of its own. All that is good is sustainable or energetically efficient, otherwise it was not good.

Finally, on the international scene, Norman Foster states that All we project is a response to the climate and culture specific to a particular place.

Vision of MJARC Architects

All architectural work is unique and is thought for every case and need of clients. When we want to build a prefabricated house or idealize having one, there is a great difficulty in personification because they are based on models that will be produced in the factory.

Then what often happens is that many people adopt for this type of construction due to the low cost, but sometimes not quite so. A prefabricated house, as we have already mentioned, is built in the factory, it must then be transported and adapted to the land on which it will be inserted. The transport, the purchase of the land or even the costs of adapting the land to the modular house can in many cases be high.

We must also talk about the financial and legal factor. Regarding the financial factor, mainly in Portugal, it is difficult to obtain credits for the construction of modular houses. As for the legal aspect, sometimes it can be much more complex and time consuming than a construction made to measure.

So remember … All options are feasible and should not exclude any a priori. What you should always think about is which of the best options will best suit your needs and desires. Never make rash decisions and always think about asking for technical advice.