Two Houses in Madalena - Architecture Project 

Madalena, Vila Nova de Gaia  - Portugal



Year 2018


Status Project


News Nzeb - Buildings with high energy performance

Located on a plot 200 meters from the sea in the parish of Madalena in Vila Nova de Gaia. The project of two semi-detached villas are integrated in the urban network while the buildings open on the sea and garden, and their backwaters close on the neighbors. This increases privacy by making the neighborhood less visible and creates a sense of isolation, redirecting views of the sea and garden.

Two interior patios allow natural light to penetrate to 10 m depth, providing moments of contemplation and pause. A series of translucent glass walls protected by a flap forms an entrance corridor. The patios allow different spatial experiences, during the day we have patios and at night sculptures. The molded concrete stairs lead to different interior spaces.  The living room located on the plot of land, amplifies its relationship with the garden through the double height foot.

On the first floor are the four individually equipped rooms with dressing area and toilets. Two bedrooms will have a balcony with sea view, one of them being the master suite, while the other two will be facing the garden, pool and forest.

In the basement there will be a laundry and a complete sanitary facility to support the gym located on the same floor, this latter direct connection with the inner courtyard that allows the lighting and ventilation of the entire space.

At the level of exterior finishes, the lining will be made with prefabricated concrete slabs and the roof will be flat with dune vegetation. The land will be composed of a garden area and another of forest that will be enjoyed through an organic path, trying to maintain the existing grove.
These homes are developed in order to achieve almost zero energy needs (nZEB). According to the directive, it will have a very high energy performance and the reduced energy they need will be largely ensured by energy from renewable sources, including energy from sources produced on-site.