Saramagayo House

 Saramagayo farm is located in the monumental landscape of the Alto Douro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Given the site’s heritage importance, the aim of the intervention was to integrate the new house into the landscape, which is characterized by its narrow, winding terraces where vineyards are planted, constructed over centuries of evolving wine production knowledge.

The house is spread over two floors and opens onto the land, with all its rooms facing the Douro River to the south, taking advantage of the best sun exposure. The volume of the house is subdivided into three, integrating into the topography in a way that follows the movement of the land’s contour lines. One volume corresponds to the social area and two to the private areas. This deconstruction made it possible to create courtyards between the volumes, which, due to their orientation, provide different moments for pause and contemplation. The bedrooms also have private outdoor spaces, enjoying the landscape.

The exterior design of the house creates the impression of another terrace on the land. The roof is covered with undergrowth made up of native species, chosen to contribute to the rational and sustainable maintenance of the vineyard. These species have the ability to attract beneficial organisms that feed on parasitic species, reducing the need for spraying, so that the house contributes to the ecosystem that is fundamental to preserving the vineyard.

Traditional materials were used, such as wood and xisto, which is predominant in the region, so that the building doesn’t impact the landscape and integrates as an element of it. Pathways were built with permeable materials, facilitating natural water drainage and promoting greater integration with nature.

The project is the result of a careful reading of all the natural and built elements that make up this extraordinary landscape, seeking to create a contemporary and harmonious building by enhancing the environmental, cultural and human heritage.




Mesão Frio, Douro


480 m²







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